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Red Squared - Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Red Squared specialises in the design, supply and installation of commercial catering and laundry equipment. We offer a complete solution from single product supply to full projects, adding value through our market knowledge, attention to detail and our exceptional levels of service.

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Warewashing Equipment from Meiko UK

At Red Squared, we pride ourselves in providing our growing list of commercial and private customers with only the best commercial warewashing services. Through our bespoke knowledge base and team of trained professionals, we are able to meet and exceed the needs of the modern kitchen environment. While we are indeed happy to offer such services, we are also excited to inform all of our customers that we are currently supplied with quality Meiko warewashing products. Catering to hotels and restaurants, Meiko has consistently set the bar in regards to service, reliability, durability and quality equipment. So, it proves wise to take a closer look at this company as a whole.

A Flexible Approach to Commercial Warewashing

Both Red Squared and Meiko centre our philosophies around the mantra that different clients will naturally have different needs. Although the standard warewashing equipment provided by Meiko will suit most purposes, they are also able to address the discrete requirements of the commercial kitchen, hotel or restaurant. This approach is then bolstered by an individualistic attitude towards the backup and maintenance services for each client; all accounting for different workloads, time frames and technical requirements.

A Strong History in Catering Equipment

Founded in 1927, Meiko has become one of the largest and most respected warewashing suppliers in the world. Having begun with a mere five employees, this multinational conglomerate now boasts more than twelve hundred trained technicians and representatives across the entire globe. The two main tenets of this business are to:

  • Enable continuous training and innovative research to result in continuous quality improvement.
  • Assure high standards into the future through a unique apprenticeship programme.

At Red Squared, were are therefore understandably happy to be partnered with such a reputable and well-known supplier. This has allowed us to provide an even higher level of satisfaction to our clients.

A Range of Products for Commercial Kitchen Design

In the commercial warewashing industry, there is certainly no concept as "one size fits all". Through Meiko, Red Squared is able to offer a wide variety of products that are manufactured to suit every need imaginable through their commercial kitchen design service. From stationary washing machines to waste treatment installations and disinfection appliances, the reliability of this equipment is only surpassed by its functionality, reliability and environmentally friendly benefits within the workplace. Still, Meiko is happy to depart from their standard line to address the discrete needs of a particular business. This will all but guarantee that only the most appropriate warewashing appliances are employed; saving both time and money.

As Red Squared continues to grow, we anticipate that our partnership with this supplier will likewise prove to be a great benefit will into the future. Embracing a client-centred approach in combination with some of the best warewashing equipment in existence, this unique synergy gives us the ability to meet and surpass the requirements of even the most unique operations. For nearly one hundred years, Meiko has been supplying countless commercial organisations with their one-of-a-kind services. At Red Squared, we intend to do the same far into the future.

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