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Red Squared - Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Red Squared specialises in the design, supply and installation of commercial catering and laundry equipment. We offer a complete solution from single product supply to full projects, adding value through our market knowledge, attention to detail and our exceptional levels of service.

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R22 - Finding Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Solutions

R22 Commercial Refrigeration Replacement

Replacement of refrigeration systems for food/hospitality businesses looms as European Union regulations require phased elimination of R22 gas, the most common cooling equipment refrigerant. Banned since 2004 in new air conditioning systems, R22 gas is legally available now only in recycled form and is increasingly hard to find and costly. This too will be unavailable after January 2015 after which all R22 gas air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment must be in compliance with the regulations.

R22 gas was so versatile that users needed 11 refrigerant alternatives to cover all its applications to frozen storage, chilled storage, and air conditioning. R22 is in use in more than 40 percent of United Kingdom air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Recycled R22 is a hazardous waste for reuse only on the same site or by a licensed recycler. After removal of acid, moisture, oil, noncondensibles, and residue contaminants, recycled R22 is nearly as good as new, but the diminishing supply available is already far short of demand.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Solutions

There are two fixes for the problem, first to modify or convert existing equipment to use of alternate refrigerants though manufacturers warn of gradual performance decline and of increased energy costs, and second to replace the whole mechanical plant, but this way is obviously much more expensive in initial capital outlay.

Repairs of equipment running R22 gas alternatives are becoming significantly more expensive, and air-conditioning manufacturers do not endorse their use. If demand for them continues to increase, cooling costs will continue to rise, and businesses will pay significantly more to operate, maintain, and repair post-R22 equipment.

It is clear that conversion to alternate refrigerants is not always feasible, so equipment replacement, although more expensive short-term, is the truly pragmatic, long-term solution in most cases because cooling systems are now relatively cheaper and considerably more efficient than ever.

Red Squared Commercial Kitchen Design

Red Squared (Redsq2) specialists provide the latest commercial refrigeration equipment and technology for low energy consumption and best food quality. Redsq2 offers professional equipment that easily fits into the modern, demanding catering environment. Redsq2 consultants are ready to assist all food/hospitality businesses with their commercial kitchen design service.

The Redsq2 team takes a positive approach to understand individual business needs fully before recommending a suitable refrigeration solution. Redsq2 post-sale support is the best, second to none, so why not get in contact today for more information on refrigeration products and services available?

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