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Red Squared - Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Red Squared specialises in the design, supply and installation of commercial catering and laundry equipment. We offer a complete solution from single product supply to full projects, adding value through our market knowledge, attention to detail and our exceptional levels of service.

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Focus on Foster - Commercial Kitchen Installation

Focus on Foster - Commercial Kitchen Installation

Redsq2 are leaders in kitchen design and have installed Foster refrigeration units for some yeas. Foster remains one of the topmanufacturers of refrigerators for commercial kitchens, and is a leading figure in this field offering clients reliability and quality products at the best and most competitive prices around Europe. Foster prides on providing clients with the absolute best in refrigeration solutions and will guarantee that these solutions will provide more than adequate refrigeration for good at an industrial level.

Foster has been in this industry for more than 50 years, always offering clients products which can be amply considered world-class, without any exaggeration. During these 50 years spent in perfecting solutions in the refrigeration industry, the company has always been dedicated to improving their products and keeping up with the ever-changing refrigeration technology.


Technological advancement is pivotal to this industry like many others, and Foster has always spent time towards not only improving this technology, but also inventing new solutions which aid the advancement of an entire business sector. The company's technological solutions, such as hydrocarbon refrigerants, are created with an eco-friendly approach in mind and have been the first in the industry to receive ISO-14001 which is the environmental management standard.

Foster's business is verified by the Carbon trust standard, ensuring that trading is always undertaken in an ethical manner. Moreover, the company is also listed in the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List so that our products can be tested independently.

Foster is also proud to mention that since re-certification with the Carbon Trust Standard, taking place during a 2-year period (from 2009 to 2011), an overall reduction of the carbon footprint related to their organisation has taken place (14.3%). This amount is certainly not to be underestimated and proves an ever-improving eco-friendly approach.


Foster's clients span a wide range of industries, and are not just limited to the food industry. The company has provided refrigerating solutions for a number of hotels and airports, and clients continue to recommend them to a variety of industries in the hospitality sector. Foster will make sure clients are always satisfied with the refrigerating solution provided, and will go to great lengths in order to ensure this.

Other clients which the company has catered to include restaurants, fast food outlets, airports and many non-profit organisations. These organisations have included but are not limited to institutions such as colleges, army camps, universities, hospitals and much more. The company takes pride in being a government-approved supplier who continues to provide refrigeration equipment to many non-profit organisations.

Overall, Foster's clients are varied and include a number of industries, not just the culinary industry.

Some Figures

Foster's King's Lynn facility has cost approximately 4 million pounds, a necessary investment which ensures the highest quality products, and the newest technologies keeping in mind an eco-friendly approach (see above). This facility has state-of-the-art equipment which is constantly re-evaluated, in order for the company to remain the leading figure in the industry. King's Lynn will allow Foster to continue to produce innovative refrigeration solutions, with an eye towards the highest technological advancements available within the industry.

Sourcing from local suppliers is important to Foster, and up to 85% of the company's services and materials are gathered from within the United Kingdom. 51% of these materials are from neighbouring areas where the King's Lynn facility is, within a 35 mile radius to be exact. The company values the local community and will ensure that priority is given to UK-based manufacturers and suppliers before looking elsewhere.

Choosing the right products in commercial kitchens installations is then an easy choice when Foster comes into play, as there is no other supplier which will provide the quality mentioned.

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