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Red Squared - Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Red Squared specialises in the design, supply and installation of commercial catering and laundry equipment. We offer a complete solution from single product supply to full projects, adding value through our market knowledge, attention to detail and our exceptional levels of service.

0845 500 5544

Commercial Kitchen Installation

Commercial kitchens can be hectic environments, where staff will always be found juggling jobs and working to several deadlines simultaneously. Commercial kitchen design needs to be completed efficiently and on a case by case basis, ensuring the end product will satisfy the needs of the staff.

You’ll need all of the required catering equipment installed, in a way which will ensure the smooth running of the kitchen, and the satisfaction of both your customers and your staff. Your commercial kitchen installation must have been carried out in a way which will allow your employees to focus entirely on their work, without interruption or inconvenience. This could come in the form of temperamental equipment, or unnecessarily long walks between units. Fortunately, companies like Red Squared are professionals who can assist in the most effective and ergonomic commercial kitchen design and installation for your business.

There are a number of options for the equipment which you’ll need in your kitchen, depending on the nature of your business and the food you will be serving. Fortunately you will receive recommendations of the most suitable commercial refrigeration equipment, ovens and washers for the job.

To keep your stock fresh and hygienic, you’ll need to consider the right commercial refrigeration equipment for your needs. How much space will you need? Do you require additional features like an LCD touch panel? Will people regularly be going to and from the refrigerator? These are questions which will be answered during the choosing and installation of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

For quick and efficient cooking after your commercial kitchen installation, you’ll also need to select the most appropriate combi ovens and prime cooking equipment. With ovens which can be pre-programmed and many different units offering industry-leading performance, your staff will be free to concentrate on the preparation and serving of food, rather than maintaining or supervising any equipment.

Good washing equipment can save hours of time in an already hectic kitchen environment. For this reason it’s advisable to choose the equipment which is most suited to your exact requirements while developing your commercial kitchen design. Efficient dishwashers and warewashing equipment can reduce your energy and water use, even during busy periods, so it’s important to choose the best equipment for your budget.

And this is where Red Square comes in. Our experienced staff will oversee your commercial kitchen design and installation, ensuring the end product will be perfectly suited to your needs. Our directors have over 50 years of combined experience in the foodservice industry, having worked with clients ranging from the Hilton Group to Holiday Inn. We’ll help you to choose the equipment which is most suited to your culinary requirements, and we can also design and install it in a manner which promotes efficiency and speed. All that will be left is for your staff to cook in their organised, efficient environment.

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