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Red Squared - Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Red Squared specialises in the design, supply and installation of commercial catering and laundry equipment. We offer a complete solution from single product supply to full projects, adding value through our market knowledge, attention to detail and our exceptional levels of service.

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Commercial Catering Equipment

Commercial Catering Equipment

For a commercial kitchen design to be a success, it must allow for the quick and convenient preparation and serving of food, whether you’re serving ten meals a day or a hundred. A well laid out kitchen will contribute to this, but you can best improve your kitchen’s productivity and efficiency by choosing only the most suitable commercial catering equipment. This will allow your staff to focus entirely on the job at hand, knowing that their equipment will do what they need it to, when they need it to.

Here at Red Squared we can use our decades of experience and knowledge of the industry to select the products which will best contribute to a fast and efficient kitchen, whatever the nature of your business or the style of food which you’re cooking. However, an impressive cooker isn’t enough on its own. At Red Squared we’ll help you to choose top quality equipment for washing, preparing and serving your food, all within your budget.

Your commercial kitchen design should include refrigeration equipment which is capable of storing your ingredients in a safe and accessible way. You’ll want your stock to remain in prime condition, without inconveniencing any employees who will be going to and from the unit. You should consider the nature and number of ingredients which you use, and your expected rate of output. You can then ensure that your stock or your kitchen’s performance won’t be affected by insufficient refrigeration space.

Once your staff have retrieved their ingredients from the appropriate refrigerator, they’ll need the space and facilities to quickly prepare their food. Depending on the dishes which you’re producing, you may require slicers for meat or vegetables, liquidizers, peelers, washers and dryers or any number of other pieces of equipment. You’ll need to consider your menu during the commercial kitchen design process, to ensure all stages of preparation will run smoothly.

For the cooking of meals, most commercial kitchens will use a variety of combi-ovens and prime cooking equipment. You may require griddles, steamers, grills, fryers or hobs to create the dishes of your menu to the highest standard. With the assistance of the experienced Red Squared team, you can be sure that your staff will have access to the equipment necessary for the quick and fluid preparation of meals, and overall operation of your kitchen.

While the quick serving of quality food is the hallmark of a successful kitchen, this can only be maintained with the use of effective commercial warewashing equipment. Dishwashers and other warewashing equipment can generally be purchased with a hood, rack or undercounter design. The latest technologies will allow you to quickly wash and reuse dishes and cutlery, as well as any equipment necessary for the production of meals.

There is a wide variety of high quality specialised commercial catering equipment which can contribute to the smooth running of any commercial kitchen, as long as it is suited to your specific needs. How much of the above features in your kitchen? Would you make any changes if given the opportunity to develop a new commercial kitchen design?

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